Oh God.



Oh God.


Shinhwa, u ok?


Sorry i was distracted by life, events, kids’ birthdays, mom’s birthday…..and a little bit of Do Min Joon. ;-)

But i am back. You knew i would be back.

Who has not been distracted by Do min joon? Anyway, back to Shinhwa. Hehe!

I decided not to attend Shinhwa’s 16th anniv concert….and Shinhwa decided to sing one of my most favourite Shinhwa Song

credit to the video uploader Michellau

Lee Minwoo Facebook Update


별그대가 내눈물을 쏙 빼네ㅜㅜ엄마한테 들키지말아야지ㅡㅡ내일이 마지막회라니…슬퍼라ㅠ


'You Who Came From The Star' is making me tear upㅜㅜI better not get caught by my momㅡㅡI can't believe tomorrow is the last episode…so sadㅠ

Even minwoo is an avid fan…

Kim Soo Hyun Wears Couple PJs with E.T.?


On February 20, a post titled, “The Secret to Do Min Joon’s Pajamas” began circulating on various online communities. Do Min Joon is an alien that came to earth 400 years ago played by Kim Soo Hyun in the SBS drama, “Man from the Stars.”

According to the post, on episode 18 of “Man from the Stars,” the pajamas Kim Soo Hyun wore is very similar to the pajamas E.T.wore in the 1982 film of the same…

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Wahaha! That’s funny. The pajama looks better on Do Min Joon though.


Surely, pulling the bow of an arrow isn’t that hard (if a girl can do it, so can I)

Elf Hye Sung frowns while pulling the bow LOL!

This is just too cute…how old is hyesung again? Hehe!

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About the whole MAMA thing…The truth is I also voted everyday for Shinhwa knowing that there is only a small possibility of them winning. Small possibility because they were not attending. There is a trend in MAMA wherein they only give awards to artists who attend the show. There would be few exceptions but not very common. Anyway, as others pointed out, the online voting was only a small percentage of the judging criteria. But still SHCJ voted like crazy because deep in our minds and heart, we hoped that they would give the awards to Shinhwa.

I don’t feel bitter. Instead, I am very proud because if online voting by the fans only accounts for 10% of the judging criteria then rest assured we have given Shinhwa that 10%. It just shows how loyal we are to them that even if the same thing happened last year, we still voted this year and I’m sure we’ll all do the same next year.

I don’t know what happens behind the scenes in these award shows, but the number of votes online for shinhwa speaks for itself. It was there. We could see it. It did not need any explanation. The million number of votes showed the power of Shinhwa and shinhwa’s fandom. I am truly proud. Even after 15 years, Shinhwa could still top online voting. They could still compete with younger idols and Shcj could still compete with other fandoms. I am sure Shinhwa knew about it and deep inside they were proud.

[Trans] 2013-11-14 TOP Media's apology statement


This is TOP Media.

Firstly, we bow our heads in apology for causing fans who love Andy worry because of something bad.

Andy himself is sincerely and deeply repenting over the results of the prosecutor’s investigation and this matter, future official activities will be stopped and for…

Andy fighting! We will wait for your return.


Every day, Every time! Baby I love you

Revenge of the Tiger.

This made me laugh when I watched this even until now. Kwangsoo was blessed with the god of variety that day. Wahaha!

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