Junsu’s honest talk to Jaejoong.

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just saw this one weibo..guys is that cutie really smoking? or it’s a drama or sth?

I’ve read K-fans tweeting about OT5 giving junsu a fan that have ‘tvxq’ on it. originally i wouldn’t care because of the simple fact that i didn’t think that js would actually see it. for  god sake he is in the middle of performing. however seeing how he reacted to it. I’m actually a bit displeased we know how sweetheart js is, he would never be rude to his fans..i feel really sorry for him being so happy of what jyj is achieving at the moment and then this…

THE MORAL OF THIS: dear children don’t bring irrelevant things to JYJ concert. be tvxq fan be whatever fan but this is a jyj concert .. just respect this pretty much simple fact.

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140803 [FANCAMS] - JYJ Membership Week Fanmeeting & Showcase

  • One [0:55]
  • Two [0:53]
  • Three [0:38]
  • Four [0:32]
  • Five [2:23]
  • Six [0:38]
  • Seven [0:30]
  • Back Seat: Jaejoong Focus [2:23]
  • Back Seat: Yoochun Focus [3:11]
  • Back Seat: Junsu Focus [3:02]
  • Members Praising Junsu One [1:03]
  • Members Praising Junsu Two [1:06]
  • Story of flip flop (Trans can be found


Oh God.



Oh God.


Shinhwa, u ok?


Sorry i was distracted by life, events, kids’ birthdays, mom’s birthday…..and a little bit of Do Min Joon. ;-)

But i am back. You knew i would be back.

Who has not been distracted by Do min joon? Anyway, back to Shinhwa. Hehe!

I decided not to attend Shinhwa’s 16th anniv concert….and Shinhwa decided to sing one of my most favourite Shinhwa Song


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Lee Minwoo Facebook Update


별그대가 내눈물을 쏙 빼네ㅜㅜ엄마한테 들키지말아야지ㅡㅡ내일이 마지막회라니…슬퍼라ㅠ


'You Who Came From The Star' is making me tear upㅜㅜI better not get caught by my momㅡㅡI can't believe tomorrow is the last episode…so sadㅠ

Even minwoo is an avid fan…

Kim Soo Hyun Wears Couple PJs with E.T.?


On February 20, a post titled, “The Secret to Do Min Joon’s Pajamas” began circulating on various online communities. Do Min Joon is an alien that came to earth 400 years ago played by Kim Soo Hyun in the SBS drama, “Man from the Stars.”

According to the post, on episode 18 of “Man from the Stars,” the pajamas Kim Soo Hyun wore is very similar to the pajamas E.T.wore in the 1982 film of the same…

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Wahaha! That’s funny. The pajama looks better on Do Min Joon though.


Surely, pulling the bow of an arrow isn’t that hard (if a girl can do it, so can I)

Elf Hye Sung frowns while pulling the bow LOL!

This is just too cute…how old is hyesung again? Hehe!

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